5 Design Mistakes When Using Decorative Landscape Stone

5 Design Mistakes When Using Decorative Landscape Stone

May 25, '21

Did you know that 40% of homeowners hire landscapers to maintain or install their landscapes? 

Americans care about their yards, perhaps now more than ever. With many people stuck at home over the last year, outdoor spaces became a fantastic place to pour in some TLC. 

We weed them, mow them, plant trees and shrubs in them, use decorative landscape stone to enhance them, host parties in them, have picnics on them. Outdoor spaces are our refuge after a long day, when getting your hands in the dirt is the only thing that can erase the stress of work. They're a source of joy, and maybe even food (we're looking at you, gardeners).

Let's get to the point . . . Somewhere up there, we mentioned decorative stones. They sound like a simple enough way to spruce up your home's outdoor space, but they don't come without caveats.

Before you do the groundwork, keep reading for five design mistakes to avoid when using stone.

1. Don't: Buy Stones Without Considering the Size of Your Available Space

How much space do you have available for decorative stones?

Did you respond in your head with a general answer ("about yay long" *motions with hands*) or a specific one ("exactly 543 square feet" *snaps tape measurer into place on tool belt*)?

We're here to inform you that the former method doesn't work; you'll want to be very specific about the space you have to fill. One of the top landscaping mistakes is creating a haphazard display where it's clear the owners didn't consider size—whether that's too much (an abnormally thick stack of stones) or too little (several spaces throughout where the stone is thin).  Be sure to utilize the Calculate Coverage Tool on our site once you have your square footage and depth to determine the quantity of the specific stone needed.

Smaller spaces can benefit from smaller stones, like Mexican beach pebbles, which make the space they encompass look larger by comparison. Smaller sections also look good with a fewer amount of larger stones, like landscape gravel, which offer a decorative effect. For larger areas, your options are pretty flexible, too.

Still, knowing the exact size allows you to buy stones accordingly. 

2. Don't: Neglect to Think About Coherence in Shape, Size, and Color

This step should be pretty obvious once you know exactly the design you're going for.

In some cases, a mixture of stones looks nice, as long as it's cohesive. You might choose stones in the same color, but different hues—or the same shape, but different sizes. Or, you might opt to have the entire space utilize one type of decorative landscape stone.

So, consider the design and what colors, sizes, and shapes you want to use to bring that vision to life. You can match this idea against your budget and see what's possible. If you're struggling to come up with something, feel free to speak to local landscaper designers to see what they recommend. 

Whatever you choose to use, don't forget to also keep this next thought in mind . . .

3. Don't: Forget to Match Decorative Landscape Stone to the Home's Exterior

Your stones can match each other all day long, but if they clash with the exterior color of your home, your overall look won't be achieved.

Deeper-hued houses benefit from brighter rocks, and slate grey homes prove to look lovely with grey decorative stones to match. Homes with light colors, like beiges, baby blues, and yellows, pair wonderfully with other neutral-colored stones. Several homes have shown an interesting complexity with the use of two different colored stones—that still complement the home itself.

So, you've got two major things to think about when it comes to appearance: how the stones match each other and how the match the house's exterior.

4. Do: Consider Your Budget First 

Decorative landscape stones vary drastically as far as cost. Let's consider the cost of a pallet of a variety of our stones for comparison.

  • $425.00 for Buff Mexican Beach Landscape Pebbles
  • $435.00 for Auburn Decorative Landscape Gravel
  • $950.00 for Aqua Decorative Landscape Beach Pebble
  • $1,250.00 for Blue Ice Landscape Glass

As you can see, the price of stones truly runs the gamut. If you're not sure what type of stones to get, first start with your budget—that number can guide you to options within your price range, making the decision easier. 

5. Do: Gather Inspiration From Other Yards With Landscape Stone Designs

The internet (and probably your neighborhood, too) is rife with landscape stone designs, providing you with plenty of inspo. These pages are perfect for somebody who knows what they want but isn't sure how to achieve it. Maybe you want to upgrade your backyard but aren't exactly landscape- or creativity-savvy.

The good news is you don't have to be.

Thanks to several online platforms dedicated to landscaping and more, you've got plenty of options, such as:

  • Decorative stone staircases
  • Stones to fill in empty spaces along sidewalks
  • Stone driveways or pathways into the home
  • Decorative stones in a fountain trough 

Never forget that someone's done this before you. Don't make the same mistakes as they made! Learn from their lessons and take all the help you can get—if you need it, that is.  

Be sure to take advantage of Online Stone Solutions gallery, which is full of quality photos of landscape installations using our stone products.

Avoid These Landscaping Mistakes and Be the Envy of the Neighborhood

Decorative landscape stone is a fantastic addition to any homeowner's outdoor space. 

That doesn't mean you can just buy some rocks and throw them down. Proper design takes forethought, planning, and a little bit of work—but we think you've got it in you! You'll love the way your yard gets elevated by this natural and beautiful element.

We can help you curate the yard of your dreams! Don't make the final mistake of ordering from anywhere else.

Click here to see our wide range of products—and remember, we offer small and affordable samples!