Buff Mexican Beach Landscape Pebbles

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Buff Beach Landscape Pebbles for Elegant Soft and Hardscapes

Spice up any interior or outdoor setting with our selection of hand-picked, high-quality landscape pebbles straight from the shores of the Baja California beach. These buff beach landscape pebbles have been shaped naturally by the surf, and come in a mixture of tan, grey, green, and red in a range of sizes. They have a soft-washed color and work well as an accent in any modern aesthetic. 

Decorative Applications

  • Our stylish stone pebbles are used to beautify all types of outdoor landscapes, including driveways, pathways, gardens, and other types of outdoor ground cover
  • Pebbles can also be used to decorate interior or exterior-based furniture or architecture - such as in fountains, vases, or candle holders
  • Hardscaping projects (such as stone walls, fire pits, patios, etc.) can also incorporate decorative pebbles for a sophisticated, modern aesthetic
  • Children may also use our stone pebbles as stylish accents in art projects


  • Are unaffected by changing weather conditions
  • Aesthetically pleasing - provides a naturally soft and elegant look as any exterior or interior decoration 
  • Require minimal maintenance - no constant trimming, watering, or replacing needed! 
  • Do not decompose as easily as other natural elements 
  • High durability - are not easily destroyed or damaged by large objects (i.e. cars), pets, or home visitors
  • Do not attract unwanted pests or insects (i.e. termites)

Product Details

  • Round, sleek, and smooth appearance
  • Hand-harvested from the beach in its natural form - providing it with its own unique shade and color
  • Are available from small sizes of 1/2" and 1" to large sizes of 6" and 12" - all depending on your aesthetic needs

Give any home our outdoor landscape an instant elegant touch with our buff beach landscape pebbles. 

Order a sample of our pebbles today, or learn more about this product (and other related products) through our Online Stone Solutions' Authoritative Guide to Mexican Beach Pebbles.

For further information, read our FAQ here.

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