California Gold Decorative Landscape Chip Seal Gravel

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One unit weighs 2000.0 lb

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Expect 5-10 business days for your order to arrive.

Orders 20,000 lbs and over require custom shipping. Contact us to make arrangements.

California Gold Chip Seal Gravel has warm yellows and gold with some patches of brown. Regardless of where you live you can now get a piece of California Gold in your landscape.

California Gold gravel will be shipped directly from the quarry to you and may contain fines. A good rain or rinsing with a hose will show this gravel's true color.

This is a dry-screened product and contains some fines. If installed deep enough for full ground coverage, the fines will typically settle to the bottom leaving a 1/8"-3/8" crushed gravel appearance.  

*product shown is a washed sample.

To order a sample California Gold Chip Seal Gravel click here.