Red Lava Fire Pit Pebbles


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#1 Choice for Red Lava Fire Pit Pebbles

Beautify your fire pit or landscaping project with our gorgeous, durable volcanic pebbles.

Upgrade Your Yard or Fire Pit

Are you looking for a simple way to take your landscaping project to the next level? Is your fire pit filler looking a little dull?

Our understated yet high-quality red lava fire pit pebbles might be the right choice for you. Find out how you can get a sample of our durable, natural-looking decorative stones today.

Attractive & Natural

Red lava fire pit pebbles are reddish rounded volcanic beach stones with a pitted burgundy surface that offer an attractive and finished look. You can safely use them for both landscapes and fire pits. We also offer this product in black.

A Durable, Cost-Effective Solution

Our red lava fire pit pebbles are the perfect addition to any yard or fire pit. They are designed to maintain their color and shape even under harsh weather conditions or extreme heat. Their semi-permeable structure makes them ideal for drainage in landscaping projects, and they last much longer than mulch.

Best Choice for Fire Pits

Because of their porous structure, lava fire pit pebbles distribute heat evenly, making them an excellent choice for grilling. They also protect the base of your fire pit from the elements, as their porous design allows water to drain correctly. You can use them in either natural gas or propane-burning fire pits.


Our red lava pit fire pebbles weigh much less than other landscaping rocks because of their porous design. This makes it easier to transport them and allows for a higher coverage yield.

Better for the Environment

Unlike wood, lava fire pit pebbles do not give off carbon dioxide when they burn. This makes them much more eco-friendly than wood alternatives. It also does not contain dyes or other harsh additives like mulch.

How It Works

It has never been easier to get high-quality landscaping pebbles delivered right to your front door. Here is what to expect:

Step 1: Order Your Stone

Each unit contains about 2000 lbs of decorative lava pebble. Use the drop-down menu to calculate how much stone you will need for your landscaping project. Orders over 20,000 lbs require custom shipping. Contact us to make arrangements.

Step 2: Wait for It to Arrive

It will take about 5-10 business days for your order to arrive.

Step 3: Add to Your Fire Pit or Yard

The stone comes in 44 lbs bags to make it easy-to-use.

Step 4: Enjoy Your New Yard or Fire Pit

Sit back and relax in your newly upgraded outdoor space.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Our yard looks better than ever, and I'm not spending my whole weekend maintaining my lawn."-Brad K

How Much Does It Cost?

Our prices start at $950.00 for a 2000 lbs pallet of stone. Use the drop-down menu to calculate how much rock you will need for your landscaping project.

Ready to Upgrade the Look of Your Yard?

Order your red lava fire pit pebbles today!

To order a sample of our Red Lava Decorative Landscape Beach Pebble click here.

The same product is also available in black lava color here.

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