Aqua Decorative Landscape Beach Pebble

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Aqua Decorative Landscape Beach Pebbles for a Stylish Outdoors

Give your landscapes an aesthetic upgrade that's both trendy and natural in style. Our aqua decorative landscape beach pebbles grant any design a much-desired boost of class and positive energy. Timeless and versatile, these beautiful stones can be used in a wide variety of decorative applications.


Versatile Applications

  • Can be used for hardscaping projects such as beach stone walls, pebble walkways/gardens, fire pits, and pools
  • Provide modern, "zen"-like, or "minimalist" accents for almost any backyard design, garden or amongst interior decor 
  • Can be used as multi-purpose materials for arts and crafts projects
  • Perfect for constructing attractive water gardens or fish ponds


  • In contrast to organic (or living) ground covers such as mulch or wood chips - our pebbles are incredibly low-maintenance, saving you plenty in replacement costs each year
  • Highly durable - beach pebbles can withstand almost all weather conditions
  • Do not decompose (unlike organic materials) 
  • Keeps pests, insects, and weeds at bay
  • Successfully retaining plant moisture - saving you plenty of time in frequent watering
  • Fire-proof - for those living in areas that are prone to wildfires, beach pebbles can help keep exterior areas non-flammable
  • Their soft, washed-out aqua coloring makes them easy to match among most styles and designs 

Product Details

  • Each stone varies subtly in shape, but are generally soft-edged, round, or oblong in structure
  • All stones come in a versatile, muted aqua color
  • Available in 44-lb bags on 2000-lb pallets 

Decorate the interior or exterior of your home with the simple, yet elegant touch of our aqua decorative landscape beach pebbles. 

Order a sample from us today, or learn more about this product (and our other pebble products) through our Online Stone Solutions' Authoritative Guide to Mexican Beach Pebbles.

For further information, read our FAQ here.

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