California Gold Decorative Landscape Decomposed Granite (DG)

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One unit weighs 2000.0 lb

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Orders 20,000 lbs and over require custom shipping. Contact us to make arrangements.

It's not 1848, no need to head west for the Gold Rush. Order a pallet of California Gold Decomposed Granite anywhere in the county and get it delivered to your door.

Decomposed Granite or D.G. is a granular stone surfacing material usually consisting of particle sizes ranging from 3/8” down to rock dust. This mixture of sizes allows for the correct blend of large particles “strength”, medium sizes “space filler”, and fines “binders.”

California Gold decomposed granite is ideally suited for stable surfaces. Once wet and compacted, it works extremely well for low traffic walkways, driveways, garden trails, or xeriscape ground cover.

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