Decomposed Granite or D.G. as a Bocce Ball Court playing surface

Online Stone SolutionsOct 23, '19

While official Bocce Ball courts are surfaced with our Crushed Oyster Shell Blend, many backyard and informal courts are constructed with our D.G. products for a more colorful and cost effective alternative. Chose from our full line of D.G colors here Products used in the pictured projects include: Pepper Red...

Decomposed Granite or D.G. pathway install ideas

Online Stone SolutionsSep 26, '19

Decomposed Granite or D.G.: A granular stone surfacing material usually consisting of particle sizes ranging from 3/8” down to rock dust. This mixture of sizes allows for the correct blend of large particles “strength”, medium sizes “space filler”, and fines “binders”, ideally suited for stable surface once wet and compacted...

Exposed aggregate concrete installations

Online Stone SolutionsSep 25, '19

In an exposed aggregate concrete application, small (less than 1") decorative aggregates are hand seeded or broadcast on the surface of roughly finished still wet concrete.  Depending on the desired look, the stones are seeded heavily (more stone is visible than concrete) or seeded lightly (more concrete is visible than...

Gabion Stone Walls

Online Stone SolutionsSep 11, '19

 Gabion Stone Walls are an attractive, easy to build, and inexpensive alternate to masonry stone walls.  Our decorative stone products are used to fill steel wire cages where the pure weight of the structure negates the need for added footings. Chose from our full line of suitable Gabion wall stone here...

Stone used in masonry walls

Online Stone SolutionsSep 11, '19

Many of our larger stones are appropriate for use in mortared in place masonry walls.  See images below for some inspiration. Chose from our full line of wall stone here