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5 Gorgeous Beach Pebble Landscaping Ideas You Need to Use this Summer

Jul 24, '20

Beach pebbles are a lovely addition to any walkway, garden, or yard. Here are 5 gorgeous beach pebble landscaping ideas you need to use this summer!

The warmer weather is drawing all of us outside. One thing that makes the time spent outdoors more enjoyable is a beautifully landscaped area. While there are many ways to enhance your landscaping, one, in particular, is both easy and allows you to be as creative as you want to be.

Whether you have a sprawling lawn or a tiny space, beach pebbles are the perfect landscaping decoration to try.

Beach pebbles come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. You can opt for a traditional look or test your imagination. You can use rocks to contrast a modern design or incorporate the natural look into an already rustic layout. 

Read on for great ideas in beach pebble landscaping. 

1. Use Around Water Features

One of the most popular uses for beach pebbles is as an accent around your water feature. You can lay them in a unique pattern leading up to your pool or make a stone wall as a perimeter. They can be carefully positioned, or have a more natural appearance.

You can put them in decorative planters that you have set around the pool area. Use the same style as the wall to tie in the look, or go bold with a different texture or color to add character. 

Beach pebble landscape ideas can also be used if you have a pond or waterfall design. Cover the lining of your pond with the stones to give it an authentic feel. You should layer them to completely disguise the lining and arrange them in varying degrees of thickness.

You can also position them around the waterfall to give a rustic and natural look. Larger stones mixed in with some smaller ones will give your waterfall a realistic presentation.

One of the first things in deciding how to use beach pebbles in your landscaping theme is to understand how to choose the right size. Here is a helpful sizing guide

2. Pebble Stones Are Better Than Mulch

One way to incorporate beach pebbles into your landscape theme is to use them in your garden beds instead of mulch. This will give your flower beds a clean and crisp unique display. You should probably go with the smaller stones so they do not overpower the overall feel of the garden. 

Pebbles are also good for drainage. The water passes through the stones and water moisture does not build up at the base of the shrubs or flowers. This is also a great option for a low maintenance flower garden, as they help control weeds. 

Speaking of gardens, one popular beach pebble landscaping idea is the creation of a rock garden. If you don't have the time or place for a traditional garden, the beach pebbles are the perfect starting point for designing a rock garden. 

A zen garden has a simplistic look with similar shapes and colors for the stones. You can also add your own special touches with accent lights and even some potted plants or statues.  

3. Beach Pebble Landscaping for the Walkway

You can create a one of a kind walkway using beach pebble stones. The path can be casual with loose stones in a meandering trail. This gives the feeling of a stroll out in nature. 

If loose stones do not appeal to your style, or you are worried about them getting moved around and out of place, there are other options as well. You can put a trimming hedge to hold them into place.

You can also design a path with smooth tile stepping platforms integrated between the loose rocks. This will make the path easier to follow and even easier on any bare feet. 

Another idea is to embed the stones in concrete. You can be creative in the size and shape and design a path that is both functional and beautiful. 

Sometimes you envision great ideas in your head but need the help of a professional. Here are thoughts on how to choose a landscape designer

4. Not Just for the Ground

Most of the ideas so far have centered around the placement of the stones on the ground. With a little creativity and some wire mesh or wood frames, you can move them up in the world. 

You can build a frame of any size and fill with the beach pebble stone of your choice. You can mix textures and size, or go with a uniform fill. You can use the frame as the base for a fire pit. You can add plexiglass to the top of a small square frame and have an outdoor stone coffee table. 

If you build a larger frame, you can even fashion a bench and add cushions for a furniture centerpiece that will be the talk of all your guests. 

5. Art Expression

There are so many other things that you can do with beautiful beach pebbles. They can be put into a variety of artwork. 

They can be arranged to create pictures or designs and either affixed to other stones, a concrete slab, or directly onto a pathway or wall. You can even get the kids in on the action and use their creativity.

Even though they come naturally in a variety of colors, you can also paint them. This opens up even more possibilities for artwork that speaks to your lifestyle.

Small colorful stones make a create filler for clear vases that can be arranged with either fresh or silk flowers and placed around your outdoor space for a lovely and inviting touch.

The Beauty Is Waiting

There are several ways we can make our living spaces beautiful, both inside and out.

Beach pebble landscaping is a great choice. The variety of size, textures, and colors open the possibilities for just the right look for you.

Whether you want big and bold, simplistic and neutral, or rustic and natural, there are stones that will work for your design.

For more information on how beach pebbles can enhance your current landscaping, or if you have other questions, please contact us.