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6 Reasons Why You Should Use Rock in Your Landscaping

Jul 31, '20

Here's Why You Should Use Landscaping Rock in Your Backyard

Now that you have all this extra time on your hands, are you ready to transform your yard through only one added element? When many people think of landscaping, planting luscious garden beds and expensive features like waterfalls and ponds come to mind.

However, the best kind of landscaping uses natural elements from your environment to make a bold statement. Read on to learn how landscaping rock can transform your backyard and our top six reasons why you need it! 

1. Creating Focal Points

One of the main reasons homeowners decide it's time for some serious landscaping is because they're tired of their chaotic and disordered looking yards. Front yards form guests' and homebuyers' first impressions of a home as they pull up into your driveway. Backyards, on the other hand, should be a private space of entertainment and relaxation. 

Without some clear focal points, your yard can quickly look like a disorganized jungle. Natural stone is an easy way to create a striking focal point. You can place one large boulder within a bright bed of flowers for a strong juxtaposition.

Even small boulders around gardens, a child's play area, or near your pool create a beautiful border. Stacking rocks in circles or as makeshift benches create eyecatching stone landscapes that act as vignettes. 

2. Low Maintenance

Another great aspect of using stone in your landscaping is that they require little to no maintenance. No matter what kind of stone you choose, all you need to do is choose the right spots for them, then set them and forget them. Even stone that grows moss after being in the same spot for years has its own unique charm in a garden. 

3. Natural Pathways 

Landscaping stone of any color or kind is a great choice to create paths throughout your front and backyard. Not only are these practical ways to walk around your yard, especially if you have a garden, but they also create beautiful lines throughout your yard that add an elegant and timeless look. 

Consider all the places you normally walk in your yard, such as to the: 

  • Mailbox
  • Shed
  • Pool
  • Children's play area

Then, create a stone pathway on the common areas you walk. You can use straight lines for a uniform, modern look. If you want a more whimsical, cottage look, use less uniform stone slabs and place them farther apart so that grass can grow through easier. You can even make the paths curve in some places for an even more organic appearance. 

4. Mulch Alternative

If you have a lot of mulch in your front or back yard, consider swapping the mulch for landscape rock for a more polished look. Mulch requires a lot of upkeep as it can easily be swept away by wind and rain or covered in dirt. Rock, on the other hand, doesn't require nearly as much upkeep.

Succulents also fair much better with rocks compared to mulch. Succulents grow better in fast-draining soil that doesn't retain moisture and humidity, but this is exactly what mulch does. Rocks will create a better growing environment for plants used to dessert conditions. 

Remember that before you place your rocks, you'll want to have a fabric weed barrier on the ground first in order to keep weeds from poking through. You'll also want edging around your rocks to make sure they stay neat and tidy in the places you want them.

5. Choice

When it comes to landscape rocks versus mulch, shells, or any other alternative, you have a lot of choices. For instance, if you live in Arizona, Nevada, or where the environment is dry and arid, you can choose rocks that are angular and red in color in order to match your natural environment.

On the other hand, people who live in more humid climates such as Florida or California can use white beach rocks or pebbles in order to have a more tropical looking backyard. River rocks that come in different colors and shapes can also be purchased in bulk if you enjoy a more colorful yard. 

Remember that you don't need to use the same size, shape, and color of rock throughout your entire yard. Choose two or three different kinds in order to create attractive layers. If you're not sure how a certain type would look in your yard, you can always request samples

6. Goodbye Lawnmower

Last but not least, rocks are an attractive option for replacing all of the lawn in your yard. This is a great choice if you simply don't have the time, budget, or energy for lawn upkeep. This can be a controversial choice as many people believe replacing your grass with rocks mean your yard will look boring and lifeless, but this isn't necessarily true. 

Plant flower beds near your pool or the exterior of your home or around trees. Use different layers of rock in order to boost the visual appearance. 

Landscaping Rock for a Beautiful Yard

The variety of options you have when it comes to landscaping rock is astounding. If you're simply looking for a striking focal point in your yard to create visual interest, you can't go wrong with a large boulder surrounded by plants and flowers. Stone, rock, and pebbles also create beautiful paths that can be as modern looking or whimsical as you desire. 

Step back and take a look at your yard and think about the practicalities of adding rock. For instance, if you grow a lot of succulents in your yard, could they benefit from rock instead of mulch? Consider where you frequently walk and whether a path would make your walks easier and pleasant. 

Ready to begin looking at your options? Take a look at our affordable decorative stone products today!