Decorative stones in a public setting with plants

Mulching in the Windy West

Jan 3, '20

SoCal has received its fair share of wind this year! The notorious dry and gusty Santa Ana winds frequent themselves through Nevada, Utah and Southern California during the fall and winter months. Using decorative stone in your landscape projects instead of organic mulch is effective in windy areas.

The mountain regions of Washington, Wyoming, Montana and Colorado are breezy most of the year and winds become particularly strong in the spring and fall. Across the Rocky Mountain Front, the wet, warm coastal winds called Chinooks can wreak havoc on the landscape. 

Don’t let the weather elements be a deterrent of creating a beautifully designed project. A few helpful tips, some careful planning, and your design will be the talk of the town! 

The first, and obvious, reason for using decorative stone as mulch is that it will not blow away with the wind, as bark or wood chips can. Stone is durable, low maintenance and withstands the elements of the weather (rain/snow/sun). Additionally beneficial, when using a leaf blower for landscape maintenance decorative stone and rock does not displace easily.

Rock Walls for wind protection

Consider creating a windbreak with boulders or a rock wall.

Use larger rocks and boulders to create wind barrier zones in your landscape to add protection to plants.

Gravel and rock chips are ideal for creating pathways and will not displace in the wind or wear down when walked on, as inorganic mulch will.

It is helpful to use native plants in your landscape design, as they are more likely to withstand the elements of your area. Check your zone for plant hardiness and wind tolerance.

Wind dries out the soil. Using landscape stone, can help reduce evaporation and help you be water-wise with your irrigation needs.

Rocks absorb the warmth from the sun, helping to create a microclimate and moderate soil temperature. Placing stones effectively around your plants can help them thrive throughout the seasons.

Stones being used to absorb heat

Designing in a windy area or region takes some extra consideration for protecting the plants and maintaining the aesthetics of your design. With these tips and our knowledgeable staff, you are on your way to receiving a beautiful load of rock that is ideal for your project.

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