Landscape featuring two types of decorative rocks

Why Buy Landscaping Stone Online Vs Local Retailer

Aug 29, '19

For all the same reasons you buy much of your other home goods “online!”


Most landscape stone retailers are limited in the variety of stone they can offer because stone takes up a lot of space!  Real Estate is getting more and more expensive and it just doesn't pay to have 100's of different piles of rock sitting on pricey ground. As a result, local retailers' selection is limited to a handful of their best sellers.

At Online Stone Solutions, you can choose from the widest selection available on the Internet to create the unique look and feel for your home.


Local retail yards are typically open during regular business hours on weekdays and then shortened hours on weekends.  Who wants to take time off work to drive to a yard or waste precious weekend time when you can order it online at your leisure? Use that time for a faster install and then sit back and enjoy the finished project.

If you aren’t one to enjoy the crowds and don’t like waiting in line for help with your project, then Online Stone Solutions is for you.


All of OSS’s products are delivered in a palletized form, either in a wire basket or supersack (very large canvas sack). This allows you to leave product neatly stored until you are ready to install. Most local retailers will deliver their product loose in a dump truck which results in a big pile of rocks in your driveway or street. At a minimum, this may block your parking access and create an eyesore for neighbors, if you can’t install the material immediately.  Worst case scenario this can end with a citation.

You may or may not get an educated sales person at your local retailer. Here at OSS we strive to provide you with answers to all foreseeable questions up front so that you can buy with confidence.

Also, it is easier to compare pricing online. Feel confident that you are getting the best value in your purchase.