Landscape Designer Sketch

Best Landscape Designers: How to Be Innovative

Jul 26, '21

Did you know that getting into home gardening can lead to direct results of better health? From better mental health to getting all the vitamin D a person needs, becoming a DIY landscape designer can lead to a healthier you. 

Landscape designers use the nature around them to create a garden that emulates beauty and serenity.

To be able to do this yourself, there are different techniques and products that can start you on the path to creating your own beautiful garden.

Use Hardscaping

Anything that is non-living in your garden is part of hardscaping.

Walls and fences create geometric lines that can add a lot to one's garden. In addition, decks and garden furnishings make it easier for you to enjoy sitting in your garden as well as working on it.

Different types of rocks will create a structure in your garden and can add color that you can't get from plant life. 

Unique rocks can catch the eyes of all that wander through your garden, giving them more to look at than just the plant life. 

Don't forget to use the hardscape you already have to work with. Vines working up the side of your home can offer a pleasant backdrop to your garden.

Texture and Form

The way in which plant life can branch out can be just as beautiful as a unique flower. The form of your garden can direct the path one visually takes in their garden.

A garden path can also move along with the plant life, offering a pleasing parallel look. For example, a darker pebble path can help make the colors of your plant life pop out all the more. 

Plantlife that offers different types of texture is more catching to the eye instead of one type of foliage, so be sure to mix it up in your landscape design.

Landscape Designers Use Layers

When creating a flower bed in your garden, you will want to create layers with them. 

Landscape design software can help you visualize what the layout you want will look like. 

But remember that taller flowers should go in the back of your layering and work your way down in height.

It's also important to use repetition in your patterning. This creates unity in your garden and reduces the chance of your flower bed looking chaotic. 

Start Gardening 

Starting in 2016, the market for home and gardening products started a steady rise that increased by 14% each year. With this increase in interest, if you look for landscape designers near me, you'll find a community. 

Becoming a landscape designer is creating a path to a better mental state and an activity that only does good for your body.

It also can turn your home into a place of beauty that you're always comfortable being in.

So, start the path to becoming a  DIY landscape designer and create not only a better home but a better you as well.