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Landscape River Rock Ideas for Decorating Your Outdoor Patio

Jul 7, '21

The popularity of home gardening skyrocketed in the last year.

So, as many of us are spending more time at home, it makes sense to make home our dream oasis. But smart changes are key.

Instead of spending hours each week maintaining a lawn, update to landscape river rock. The clean, inviting presentation is only the beginning. River rock can be eco-friendly, beneficial, and convenient.

Keep reading for tips on a stunning, enviable landscape.

What Are River Rocks?

The term “river rock” is quite broad. It refers to any variety of rock worn smooth by the action of moving water.

Typically, a river rock will be smooth with rounded edges. It will have imperfections and color variations.

There are styles to suit every design taste. This makes river rocks the ideal decorative landscape stone.

Why River Rock Landscaping?

There are plenty of reasons why landscape river rock is a solid investment.

  • Low maintenance
  • Attractive
  • No watering or chemical treatments needed
  • Promote healthier gardens

River rock landscaping can help reduce erosion. It does so by adding an extra layer of protection.

Further, they encourage drainage and deter weed growth. Thus, a healthier garden emerges.

Lawns need regular mowing and watering. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans are needlessly wasting large amounts of water on decorative turf areas.

They estimated the average American household waters their lawn for 20 minutes a day. After one week, that’s the equivalent of a person taking more than 800 showers.

Climate change is evident. Every positive action helps. Switching to river rock landscape can lower your household water consumption dramatically.

Further, river rock landscaping eliminates the need to mow the lawn. And it requires no fertilizer or chemical treatments.

The switch will lower the usage of water, chemicals, and energy. One upgrade with many benefits.

Choosing Landscape River Rock

Using landscape river rock helps create an attractive, tranquil oasis. The many colors, sizes, and varieties suit any function.

White river rock landscaping works best in borders, around pools, or lining pathways. It provides a bright, fresh look unmatched by other options.

For a more natural style, try larger river rock. Presenting your landscape river rock in various sizes mimics nature. Scatter a few large river rocks about, mixing them with smaller sizes for the best effect.

Lava pebbles form when molten lava meets the ocean. There, it cools and hardens. For obvious reasons, these are the best for a firepit.

Depending on your DIY expertise, you could get creative. Consider a river rock mosaic on your patio. Using various colors, create a work of art to withstand the elements.

Maybe that’s more complicated than you’re ready for. Start by using them to edge around plants lining your patio. They’ll help the soil keep moisture and prevent erosion.

The river rock landscaping ideas are endless.

Buy Online

Perhaps you’ve browsed the local home improvement store for inspiration. When ready to buy, consider the benefits of buying online.

You can compare prices and selection at your leisure, without a salesperson hovering.

A good landscape river rock supply company will have a helpful website. Expect to find galleries for inspiration, product information, and contact information. Better yet, look for a chat option.

Research delivery. Home improvement stores often deliver these products via dump trucks. Then you’re left with the hassle and mess of a loose pile in front of your house.

Choose a company that will deliver your river rock packaged. Wire baskets, pallets, and large canvas sacks all keep things neat and tidy. They also allow for easier transport.

Written in Stone

There’s no denying the many varied benefits of landscape river rock. Your yard will be the most attractive, low-maintenance, and ecological one on the block.

It’s time to upgrade! Browse Online Stone Solutions impressive variety of landscape stones here.