Black Mexican Beach Pebble Landscape with plants

Black Mexican Beach Pebbles

Feb 24, '20

The Black Mexican Beach Pebble is the most popular variety of the Mexican Beach Pebble family. Hand-picked from the beautiful beaches of Baja California, Mexico, this naturally tumbled pebble, with its smooth, rounded finish and dark hue, has an attractive, elegant appearance and wide-ranging applications for landscaping and interior decoration. 


The Black Mexican Beach Pebble is ideally suited for homeowners and commercial property owners seeking to create ambiance and atmosphere, whether your goal is a minimalistic outdoor landscape, a coastal garden vibe, or sophisticated indoor accents. Whatever your need, the Black Mexican Beach Pebble doesn’t disappoint. 



Ideal as a lawn replacement or for rock gardens, the Black Mexican Beach Pebble’s applications are virtually endless. Want to use these gorgeous pebbles in riverbeds, pathways, and ponds? Check. How about around trees, in planters, or dry streambeds? Check. If you are an environmentally conscious homeowner, or live in an area that is susceptible to drought, the 100% natural Black Mexican Beach Pebble is ideal for a water wise dry-scape, or xeriscape, design. What’s more, these stones not only look good, but they also help with erosion control, water retention, and weed control. 


Although each stone is unique, most Black Mexican Beach Pebbles tend to range in color from medium grey to charcoal black, but there will always be slight variation in color (and size, which we’ll discuss shortly.) Especially when they are wet, black Mexican Beach Pebbles take on a shimmering black hue – thus their name – and serve as a perfect complement to a modern landscape or interior design.  

Available Sizes

Black Mexican Beach Pebbles are available in a wide variety of sizes. How you’re going to use the stones – their application or use – will determine the size you should order. They typically range from 1/2”-3/4” in diameter (button size) for ground cover and pathways, and up to 5” (softball size); there are even larger pebbles resembling the size of a Pineapple, which are typically used for landscape borders, masonry walls, or as part of a natural looking dry streambed. 

Our most popular size is 1”-2”, which is ideal for smaller areas. Please note that there is quite a lot of natural variation in size, and in general the 1” to 2”, if you actually measure them, are more like 2”-to 3”. To help you understand the scale of different sizes that are available, see our Mexican Beach Pebble Sizing Guide here

Straight from the beautiful beaches of Baja California, Mexico, the smooth, elegant Black Mexican Beach Pebble has numerous applications for landscaping and interior design, and is available in multiple sizes. These stones are easy to spread, help protect drainage areas from erosion, and make your yard or garden easy to maintain throughout the year. 

Do-it-yourself home landscapers depend on Online Stone Solutions for our wide selection of attractive stones, deep product knowledge, convenience, and value. If you have any questions about Black Mexican Beach Pebbles or any other stones, get in touch with us. In the meantime, browse our gallery to see the great variety of decorative stones that we offer.