Where Mexican Beach Pebbles are born

The Authoritative Guide to Mexican Beach Pebbles

Mar 2, '20

The pounding waves of Baja California, Mexico draw surfers from all over the world. But did you know that these same waves, over thousands of years, have also given us Mexican Beach Pebbles? 

Known for its naturally rounded and smooth finish, this gift of nature is one of the most attractive and sought after landscaping stones by homeowners north of the border. Mexican Beach Pebbles, also known as Mexican River Rock, come in a variety of colors and sizes and have a multitude of applications and uses for do-it-yourself landscapers and pros alike.

Endless Applications

Mexican Beach Pebbles are versatile, never go out of style, and can help modernize and beautify just about any outdoor landscape or interior setting. Residential customers use beach pebbles for ground cover, pathways and driveways, planters, pond accents, dry stream beds, or to fill the basin of their new fountain or water-smart design. With a contemporary look and clean aesthetic, Mexican Beach Pebbles also provide a modern touch to the interior of your home, and are commonly used to create elegant candle accents, fill vases, and for arts and crafts projects for the kids.    

These highly sought after pebbles are also suitable for hardscape projects and are easily embedded in concrete, planters, pots, flower beds, xeriscape landscapes requiring little or no irrigation, turf reduction and turf replacement projects, and patios and decks. 

Online Stone Solutions also supplies Mexican Beach Pebbles to landscape designers for condos, designer homes, and sprawling mansions, as well as hotels and resorts, hospitals, high rise buildings, and airports. 

The Journey to Your Home

Why are Mexican Beach Pebbles regarded as ultra-premium stones? Their natural elegance and beauty makes them highly desirable, of course, but it’s also because of the labor-intensive journey that takes them from the beautiful beaches of Mexico to your home. Each pebble is harvested by hand – and sorted for color, shape, and size – to ensure consistency and quality, and to minimize environmental impact. Our workers hand-pick these stones off the beaches of Baja California, just south of Online Stone Solutions’ U.S. headquarters in San Diego County. They are then brought to a sorting facility where they are bagged up and assembled in pallets for easy delivery. 

Understanding Size and Color

Choosing the proper stone size and color is important for both practical and aesthetic reasons. 

Stone product sizing is not an exact science. When you order a shipment of rocks, not all the rocks are going to be the exact same size. For example, if you purchase 1”-2" Black Beach Pebbles, there may be some stones that are smaller and some that are bigger. Because the rocks are hand sorted, slight size variation can be expected from pallet to pallet.

Our Mexican Beach Pebbles are naturally “born” in the Pacific Ocean, each with a unique shade or color. Unlike most machine-sorted rocks, hand harvesting allows our workers in Baja California to sort the beach pebbles into four color-based options: Black Mexican Beach Pebbles, Buff Mexican Beach Pebble, Red Mexican Beach Pebbles, and Mixed Mexican Beach Pebble.  

Did you know: The same area will need less product if a smaller size is used versus a larger size?  

Ordering and Shipment

Mexican Beach Pebbles don’t disappoint. With their unique, attractive, and elegant appearance, these smooth, rounded stones are sure to enhance and elevate the look and feel of your outdoor landscape or interior.

Do-it-yourself home landscapers depend on Online Stone Solutions for our wide selection of attractive stones, deep product knowledge, convenience, and value. Our experienced employees take care of everything from the order placement to delivery at your yard or street. We are able to ship Mexican Beach Pebbles to most locations in the U.S. 

If you have any questions about Mexican Beach Pebbles, get in touch with us. In the meantime, browse our gallery to see the great variety of decorative stones that we offer. 


Editor’s Note: Mexican Beach Pebble is also known as: Mexican River Rock, Roja beach pebble, bone Beach pebble, Mexican cobble, beach cobble, river pebble, river cobble, and unpolished Mexican Beach pebbles. La Paz beach Pebble, La Paz Black Beach pebble, San Quintin beach pebbles, San Quintin black beach pebbles, Pina, Beach Stones, Sea Pebble, Ocean Pebble.