DIY Landscaping: How To Make Beautiful Ground Cover With Beach Pebble

DIY Landscaping: How To Make Beautiful Ground Cover With Beach Pebble

May 19, '21

According to a study done by Virginia Tech, when you landscape your home you can get up to a 15 percent increase in the value of your home! If you want to find an easy way to improve the landscaping of your home, using beach pebble can help!

Do you want to learn more about the best types of beach pebble, landscaping ideas, and more? Keep reading our guide to make a beautiful ground cover with Mexican beach pebble!

Types of Landscaping Stones

When you are using landscaping stones, there are many different types and brands that you can choose from. Here are some great options for landscaping stones!

1. River Rock

This type of landscaping stone is a great option if you are looking for a smooth rock that comes in beautiful neutral colors. River rocks are bigger than other types of landscaping stones and are a great option to help with property drainage!

2. Flagstone

Rather than using small rocks for your landscaping, flagstone is a great option if you are creating a pathway or want to add stepping stones into your backyard. They are much larger and usually a reddish color. 

3. Beach Pebbles

If you are looking for a small option for landscaping rocks, there are many types of landscape pebbles that will work! Beach pebbles are a great option. They are perfect for decoration, zen gardens, or to line patios or garden beds. 

These Mexican beach pebbles are good for both small projects and other larger landscaping projects in your yard. You can use them as an alternative to grass in drier climates, they can be used in water features, or even for decor purposes!

4. Pea Gravel

As you can assume from the name, pea gravel are some of the smallest landscaping stones available. They are usually less than 1/2 inch and are commonly used for gravel pathways! Because they are so small, they can also be used in addition to other landscaping stones. For example, pea gravel is often laid between flagstones to keep them in place. 

Ideas for Landscaping with Beach Pebble

You can use beach pebbles for almost any landscaping project!

Not only are Mexican beach pebbles beautiful and will make your yard look classy, but they also are very useful for many types of projects. For example, you can use them in your garden beds to prevent soil erosion. They can also protect your plants, be used in ponds, and more!

You can also use beach pebble to create a relaxing zen garden or water feature. The possibilities are endless when you use beach pebble in your landscaping!

Another option for beach pebble is to create a walkway. If you have an area in your yard that you don't want to pave, beach pebbles are an easy way to create a pathway on your own! Because they are so durable and don't require much maintenance, they will hold up under foot traffic. 

Finally, you can use beach pebble to create an artistic design in your yard. Mexican beach pebbles come in many colors, so it is easy to create designs! Whether you want to create a mosaic with the different colors of rocks or you want to make your plants stand out, beach pebble is a great way to do this!

Benefits of Using Beach Pebble

There are many reasons that you should consider using Mexican beach pebble in your next landscaping projects. First, they can be used in a wide array of projects! Although they are small, they can be used for big and small projects!

Another benefit of beach pebble is that they last forever! They are smooth and versatile, and they are resistant to harsh weather. 

If you are trying to be more environmentally friendly, beach pebble is a great way to help improve your backyard! When you use mulch in your gardens and flower beds, you have to replace them every 5-6 years.

Rather than using mulch, you can use beach pebble to last much longer. 

If you live in a dry climate, beach pebbles are a great way to still create a beautiful yard. Using these pebbles is water-efficient and can be used to plant desert plants. For example, you can plant cacti, succulents, and more.

The rocks will prevent your plants from getting overwatered and will absorb heat. 


Advantages of Buying Landscaping Stone Online

There are many benefits that come from buying landscaping materials online. While you may want to look for landscaping stones in person, you may find more luck online. Here are the advantages of buying beach pebble online. 

One of the biggest advantages of buying landscaping materials online is that there will be a much larger selection to choose from! Storefronts often don't have the space to carry a huge variety of landscaping stones. This means they will only show their top sellers. 

However, online you can choose from hundreds of products until you find something that works for you!

It is also much easier to find great products! You can easily order your landscaping stones and beach pebbles online and have them delivered right to your home. 

Find Beautiful Landscaping Stone Today!

Adding something simple like beach pebbles can completely transform your outdoor space! If you are ready to start this easy DIY project, it is important to find high-quality landscaping stones to use!

If you want a large selection of high-quality stones, Online Stone Solutions can help you create your dream backyard! We offer inexpensive samples so you can find a product you love. Contact our team today to learn more about our products and samples!