How To Incorporate Black Mexican Beach Pebbles Into Your Water Feature

How To Incorporate Black Mexican Beach Pebbles Into Your Water Feature

Nov 9, '20

If you've recently installed a water feature in your backyard or garden, you may have noticed that it is missing something. We recommend using our Black Mexican Beach Pebbles in the surrounding landscape to improve the aesthetic of your water feature.

These exotic beach pebbles come in a variety of sizes that can be used for different parts of your water feature project. Continue reading to learn how exactly you can incorporate these rounded beach pebbles into your outdoor water feature.

Construct the Water Feature With Pebbles

You can create a water feature with the larger pebbles as the main foundation, giving your waterfall, fountain, or pond a more natural look. 

You will want to be sure to rinse your rocks before using them because they come straight from the beaches of Baja so they can have some salt residue.  Rinsing them will also bring out the pebbles' true colors.

Lining the feature with these luxurious pebbles and some low-maintenance plants will help to bring the entire water feature and the surrounding area together. 

Design a Pathway Around the Feature

You can compose a pathway around your water feature out of Black Mexican Beach Pebbles. Use these beach pebbles to surround your water feature and add to the aesthetic. They work right into the landscaping without taking away from the rest of the project. Chose sizes smaller than 1" for ease of walking on.

Beach pebbles are a low-maintenance option for a walkway. The beach pebbles are smooth from their time in the water on the beaches of Baja California, Mexico where they have been hand-selected for you.

Their smoothness makes them easy to walk on for a light foot traffic area, like around a waterfall or fountain. They won't be too slippery if they were to get wet.

Create an Underwater Feature

Place the Black Mexican Beach Pebbles at the bottom of your water feature. When the rocks are wet, they will have a polished look. They will create a beautiful, natural-looking base that will accent the aesthetic of your water feature.

It is important to use the smaller pebbles (check out our 1"-2" selection) in this design so that the sediments and bacterias can flow through them.  Their round shape ensures they are not a threat to ripping or puncturing your water feature liner.

The beach pebbles at the bottom of a pond or waterfall can be very beneficial in helping to keep the water clean. They provide a place for good bacterias to grow and to keep the green sludge to a minimum, thus keeping your water clearer.

Incorporating Black Mexican Beach Pebbles

When you make a purchase, you will want to have a plan for how to incorporate them. Our luxurious pebbles may be a great match for the design of your project. They can help to bring together the aesthetic of your water feature. 

Whether you want to create your feature built from a foundation of larger beach pebbles or you simply want to create a walkway up to your water feature, we have different sizes available for purchase.

Contact us today for any questions that you might have about our Black Mexican Beach Pebbles. We'd be happy to help you!