Online Stone Solutions now offers a Landscape Fabric Bundle

Online Stone Solutions now offers a Landscape Fabric Bundle

Nov 11, '20

Don't just do the job, DO IT RIGHT! In the DIY world, "woulda, coulda, shoulda" is all too common. OSS now offers a high quality landscape fabric bundle with select products that contains everything you need to complete your landscape stone project.

For an extra $39.95 per pallet, the bundle includes 1 roll of 3'x50'(150sqft) landscape fabric and 27 pieces of 6" staples. No longer will you need to make and extra trip to the local landscape supply store for these products

The landscape fabric is a non woven 12 year, 3oz, environmentally safe fabric that controls weeds before they start. It is fabricated using a spunbond method, which sandwiches melt-blown material between two layers of spun material, forming a powerful 3-ply layer of weed protection. Plus, the fabric’s higher carbon black content provides superior light-blocking capabilities to protect against the toughest perennial weeds. The design also prevents unravelling and makes the material easier to cut.

In addition, the weed barrier is hydrophilic-treated, providing improved water and nutrient flow through the fabric.  

The Landscape Fabric Bundles are available with select products by choosing from the dropdown menu.

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