The Latest Landscaping Trends in 2021 for Major Curb Appeal

The Latest Landscaping Trends in 2021 for Major Curb Appeal

Jun 10, '21

Did you know that homes with excellent curb appeal sell for 7% more than similar residences with a drab exterior?

We're all spending more time at home and tend to concentrate on useful improvements inside our home, but improvements to the outside may have as big of an effect and increase your usable square footage.

Basic care with new landscaping trends is the foundation of good curb appeal. Even the impartial observer can tell when a house has been properly cared for. 

However, increasing your curb appeal also includes moving it to the next level. That will instantly give a better first impression.

Fresh landscaping may completely improve the look of your home's exterior. This guide to the newest landscaping trends in 2021 will inspire you.

What Is Curb Appeal and Why It Matters?

Curb appeal is the amount of attractiveness that a property has when seen from the street. Curb appeal, in its most basic form, is a value judgment of a physical asset.

Homes with outstanding curb appeal, for example, are appealing to those who pass by on the street. The home is well-presented, with all of the necessary elements are in place:

  • There is a well-kept yard
  • The colors are vivid
  • The siding is in a decent condition
  • The roof is in good condition
  • Things are neat and tidy

When it comes to selling a house, first impressions matter, while upgrading a property's outside may not be as thrilling as the inside, it is more significant in many respects.

You want your home to have a "wow" factor at first glimpse. It shouldn't, at the very least, put off the vast majority of purchasers. The home's curb appeal, on the other hand, should inspire buyers to investigate further.

Landscaping Trends for 2021

Homeowners may also use landscaping to showcase their distinctive personalities. When designing and landscaping, keep in mind the slope of the land, the size of the house, and the aesthetic aspects of the place.

Here are some landscaping trends in 2021. 

Using Native Plants

With each passing year, an increasing number of people choose native flora.

Native plants give several advantages, including proving that they can endure your area's conditions and climate. Choosing to go indigenous will make you less concerned as a gardener.   

Using Food Plants

There are several different types of food plants that are gaining popularity. These include:

  • Mini watermelons
  • Purple cauliflower
  • Blue kale
  • Pattypan squash
  • Purple bell peppers
  • Baby Tomatoes

As you can see, the possibilities are limitless! These plants' variety not only looks amazing, but it may also aid with pest management and eating a more balanced and healthy diet!

So, if you want to add color and at the same time grow your favorite vegetables, browse a seed catalog and make a commitment to try at least one of them.

Going Vertical

If you have limited space, this is one of the greatest landscaping ideas for you!

Succulents, honeysuckle, Boston ivy, and lemon balm are the top suggestions for growing upwards. However, you could also use climbing vegetable plants.

Outdoor Lighting

In 2021, minimalistic lights are shining brightly. You could use any of the following:

  • Hidden lighting that illuminates a feature
  • A tunnel of LED lighting underneath a terrace or walkway
  • Lights positioned under trees or buildings

We are starting to witness landscaping trends in which more lights are being utilized in new and better ways.

Outdoor lighting is often used to accentuate the patterns and shapes of your landscape design while also improving visibility and ensuring the safety of the garden areas.

Dryscaping or Xeriscaping

Xeriscaping is derived from the Greek word "xeros," which means "dry." While it is an excellent design approach that considers low average rainfall and dry seasons, there is no reason it cannot benefit a landscape in other climates.

Xeriscapes are water-wise landscape designs that consider a variety of aspects to save water. Using various stones and sand to form patterns in your garden gives your landscape a unique and pleasing view.

As is the case with most other landscape designs, this one will need planning and a study of the soil type.

You will require native plants and the addition of compost. Ask your plant nursery for help with choosing native plants for your area.

Using More Pot Plants

No matter the size of your space, pot plants are an incredible way to enhance any landscape. Pot plants are easy to move around, need little weeding, and are the most effective method of controlling the growth of your plants.

You could also include some indoor pot plants that can be moved onto a porch and back indoors when the temperatures change. 

Using Your Front Porch

Many of us are reclaiming the front porch as a valuable rendezvous point.

Curb appeal is just as critical as creating a pleasant front porch for guests and family. That often entails selecting vibrant landscape components, the addition of comfortable seats, and the incorporation of low-maintenance shrubs. 

If you have a small area, hanging baskets or small pot plants are ideal.

Give Your Curb the Wow Factor

Use all these landscaping trends to make the first impression of your home better and give it that wow factor. Certain of these projects may be more expensive than anticipated, but it will be worth it in the end.

While effort and money should be spent on the inside, upgrading your curb appeal will be well worth it. Passersby will admire the lovely landscaping layout visible from your curbside. Excellent curb appeal benefits, not just you, but also others.

What you create affects many more than just those living in your home.

Decorative landscape stone is an excellent way to enhance your landscaping! Contact us for ideas in using them to enhance your garden landscape.