Oyster Shell Bocce Blend w/ Flour Top Coat

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Bocce is an awesome game that is fun for all of your family and friends to play together. Creating your bocce court with the Oyster Shell Bocce Blend with Flour Top Coat from Online Stone Solutions will ensure that you can play many rounds for years to come. You’ll feel like a pro as this blend brings an authentic look and feel to your bocce court.


Your order will include one 1900 lbs Oyster Shell Bocce Blend super sack. This sandy loam mix with crushed pieces of oyster shells blended in will provide a firm and smooth playing surface for your court. This blend allows proper drains so you won’t need to worry about playing bocce in puddles after rainy days.

Add the two 50 lbs bags of Flour Top Coat mix as the initial topcoat playing layer. More of the Flour Top Coat should be added occasionally for continued maintenance.

This is a premium product and is NOT just run of the mill DG with some shells mixed in. The base/core of the bocce mix is classified as a sandy loam with crushed oyster shell blended in leaving you with a premium playing surface free from 3/8" pieces of aggregate like you would find in lesser quality bocce blends with a base consisting of Decomposed Granite. 

If you’re considering creating a bocce court but want to be sure this is the right material for your project, check out a sample of our Oyster Shell Bocce Blend. We know it will be just what your bocce court needs!

[Oyster Shell Bocce Blend Sample]


Your Oyster Shell Bocce Blend with Flour Top Coat will arrive in 5 to 10 business days.

Orders weighing over 20,000 lbs will need custom shipping.

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If you still need more information about purchasing and installing the Oyster Shell Bocce Blend with Flour Top Coat, please read over our definitive guide How to Build a Bocce Ball Court.

Get the bocce court that you’ve always wanted. Order your Oyster Shell Bocce Blend with Flour Top Coat today and start playing bocce like a pro!

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