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Product Mexican Beach Pebbles Super Sack Large Mexican Beach Pebbles (3-5") Mexican Beach Pebbles Black Beach Pebbles
Size 3"-5" 3"-5" 3-5" 3"-5"
Weight 2200 lb 2200 lb 2000 lb 2000 lb
Unit Price
(as of Jan 15, 2020)
$1,199.67 $1200.50 $999.00 $425.00
Shipping $55 FREE FREE $156.46
(estimated Southern California location)
Tax (8%) $95.97 $96.04 $79.92 $32.94
TOTAL "ALL-IN" PRICE $1,350.64 $1,296.54 $1,078.92 $614.44
PRICE/LB $0.61 $0.59 $0.54 $0.31


When it comes to purchasing decorative stone for your landscaping project, Online Stone Solutions strives to deliver the best value to you, the modern home owner.

There are three options when shopping for decorative rocks:

  1. Online Stone Solutions
  2. Local Retailer
  3. Other Online Retailer

Other retailers will sell material in different quantities. You may see 2000 lb pallets, 2200 lb pallets, or product sold by the cubic yard. It’s important to compare apples to apples. An easy way to compare is to use this online calculator. Enter the total weight and price from Online Stone Solutions and the total weight and price from the other vendor.

Vs. Local Retailer

When comparing against a local retailer, Online Stone Solutions offers better selection, convenience, and overall value. Take a look at our ‘Why Buy Landscaping Stone Online Vs Local Retailer’ article for more details.

Vs. Other Online Store

When comparing Online Stone Solutions versus another online retailer, you must compare the total, ‘all-in,’ price, which includes the material price, taxes, and shipping.

It may be surprising when you see it, but it is not uncommon for our customers to pay as much for shipping as for the material product. After all, it is several tons of rocks that are getting shipped!

Online Stone Solutions’ pricing model was carefully designed to deliver the best value, that includes the selection and convenience. If you compare our total pricing to other online stone retailers, you will find that our pricing is the most competitive. In some cases, our pricing is better than your local yard! And you don’t have to travel to a dusty, dirty, lot and get a car wash afterwards.

Thanks for visiting our website, we hope you’ll agree that Online Stone Solutions is the best solution for your landscaping stone needs.

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