Mexican beach pebbles in a yard setting with plants

Mexican Beach Pebbles Sizing Guide

Feb 18, '20

Mexican beach pebbles come in a variety of sizes (as well as names) to match the variety applications for this popular product. Some of the uses include ground cover, pathways, planters, ponds, water features, dry stream beds. It's important to know which size is best for each application.

To help you understand the scale of the different sizes that are available, use the sizing guide below. Use the ruler on the left side of each photo as a size reference.

In order from smallest to largest, the sizes available are:


Mexican Beach Pebble Buttons The smallest size available, the stones are approximately the size of a large button,  ½”-¾” in diameter and extremely flat. These are what you would pick out as perfect skipping rocks.  These buttons are incredibly unique stones and not only for ground cover but highly sought after for use in pebble mosaics.  Because of their small size they are difficult to pick and harvest so availability can be limited at times and they come with a premium price.  Buttons are good for pathways and walking surfaces where the smaller size makes it easier to walk on (Not available in the Red color)

1/2" to 1" 

Black Mexican Beach Pebble, 1/2" to 1" Stones are closer to 1”-2” in actual size if the largest dimension is measured.  This is the largest size to consider if the intended use is a pathway meant for walking on. 


Black Mexican Beach Pebble, 1" - 2"This is our most popular size for all the Mexican Beach pebble products.  Again, it is  closer to 2”-3” in actual size. This is the perfect size for smaller areas.  Sizes 1”-2” and above are also substantial enough to stay in place if blower maintenance is performed on the area. 


Black Mexican Beach Pebble, 2" - 3"This is the size used most often in larger ground cover areas, where the bigger pieces provide more texture. These rocks are closer to 3”-4” in actual size.


Mexican Beach Pebble, 3" - 5"Between the size of a baseball and softball, this size is great for dry stream beds, gabion walls, erosion control, and areas where a deterrent to pedestrian traffic is desired.


Mexican Beach Pebble PineapplesThe largest size available is roughly the size of a pineapple, hence the name. Pineapple-sized Mexican Beach Rocks are great for borders in the landscape, masonry walls,  or to mix in with other sizes to create a natural looking dry streambed. (Not available in the Red color) 

For the sake of illustration, the Black Mexican Beach pebble product was used in this sizing guide. The other hues of Mexican Beach Pebble (Buff, Red, Mixed) are also available in the sizes listed above.