Online Stone Solutions now offers a Landscape Fabric Bundle

Online Stone SolutionsNov 11, '20

Online Stone Solutions now offers a high quality Landscape Fabric Bundle for the ultimate weed barrier solution for our DIY landscape stone family.

How To Incorporate Black Mexican Beach Pebbles Into Your Water Feature

Online Stone SolutionsNov 9, '20

Do you have an outdoor water feature that you want to incorporate black Mexican beach pebbles into? Learn how you can do that here!

9 Simple Steps for Installing Landscape Fabric Under Decorative Stones

Online Stone SolutionsOct 5, '20

Follow these simple steps in order to correctly install landscape fabric under landscape stone mulch.  It isn't much harder than spreading out a sheet!

How to Landscape With Gravel at Home: 7 Helpful Tips

Online Stone SolutionsAug 31, '20

Gravel can be an excellent option for homeowner's who landscape. This guide lists 7 tips on how to landscape gravel at home.