Black Mexican Beach Pebbles

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Black Beach Landscape Pebbles are a popular choice in many landscapes, both commercially and residentially.

These 100% natural stones have been pounded and shaped by the relentless surf, causing these black beach pebbles to develop a smooth rounded finish. This high-end product is hand-picked from the coast of Baja California.

These versatile black landscape pebbles are also known as Mexican Beach Pebbles and are unique in their dark color, available sizes, and very round shape.  

Black Mexican Beach Pebbles come in a color range from medium gray to charcoal black, to an almost dull blue color when they are dry. When this product is wet, it takes on a very dark grey to almost black color. This makes Black Mexican Beach Pebbles ideally suited to mimic the flow of water when recreating a lush tropical landscape or a minimalistic modern landscape. 

Black Mexican Beach Pebbles can be used in pathways, planters, dry streambeds, and water features to name a few.

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