Red Mexican Beach Pebble

Red Mexican Beach Pebbles

Mar 3, '20

Hand-picked from the beautiful beaches of the Baja California peninsula, the Red Mexican Beach Pebble gives a splash of color and class to any landscape project. 

The Red Mexican Beach Pebble is a member of the Mexican Beach Pebble family, which also includes the Black Mexican Beach Pebble, Buff Mexican Beach Pebbles, and Mixed Mexican Beach Pebbles, and burnt orange-red stones that we call Baja Sunburst Pebbles.

The pounding surf has given this remarkable pebble its naturally round, smooth surface and consistent size that make it one of the most popular landscaping materials to use year-round. While this low-maintenance stone is aesthetically pleasing, it also reduces the spread of weeds and saves homeowners money on water costs by retaining moisture in the soil and reducing erosion. 


The Red Mexican Beach Pebble is a versatile stone that provides numerous, head-turning uses, both outside and inside your home. It’s ideal for ground cover, walkways and driveways, walls, attractive design borders, mosaic paving, and for outdoor and indoor planters. 

For environmentally aware homeowners or who live in dry regions, the Red Mexican Beach Pebble provides an excellent alternative for grass and is ideal for water wise landscapes. These gorgeous pebbles can be installed around riverbeds, ponds, pools, Japanese gardens, desert gardens, and more.

Available Sizes

Red Mexican Beach Pebbles are available in a wide array of sizes. The stones range from button size (1/2” - 3/4” in diameter) up to 5” (the size of a softball) and even bigger. How you intend to use the stone will determine the size you need. Our most popular size is 1”-2”, which is ideal for spreading them across smaller areas. 

While the Red Mexican Beach Pebble is more uniform in size than other kinds of stones, you will notice some natural variation in size. For example, the 1” to 2” pebble, if you actually measure it, is more like 2” to 3”. To help you understand the scale of different sizes that are available, see our Mexican Beach Pebble Sizing Guide here


While Black Mexican Beach Pebbles are overall the most popular color for general landscaping, there are regional differences across the country. Homeowners in the Southwestern United States – Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, and Arizona – tend to favor the Red Mexican Beach Pebble or other stones like buff or the Sunburst pebble, which match the natural colors of the desert landscape better. It’s also important to keep in mind that, if you live in a hot region, a darker colored rock will tend to get hotter in the sun. 

In general, a pebble’s color will vary according to the light conditions and environment, and whether it’s dry or wet. Dry pebbles are more uniformly-colored, while wet pebbles show more color variation and are extremely shiny. Keep in mind that we’re dealing with pebbles that are 100% natural, and in nature there are no perfectly colored stones. Even the Black Mexican Beach Pebble is not all black; depending on the light and surroundings, you might also see a grey hue and even a bit of blue. 

Do-it-yourself home landscapers depend on Online Stone Solutions for our wide selection of attractive stones, deep product knowledge, convenience, and value. If you have any questions about the Red Mexican Beach Pebble or any other stones, get in touch with us. In the meantime, browse our gallery to see the great variety of decorative stones that we offer.