Mixed Mexican Beach Pebble Pineapples as Ground Cover

Mixed Mexican Beach Pebbles

Mar 10, '20


“Why do two colors, put one next to the other, sing? Can one really explain this?”

- Pablo Picasso

For homeowners who want their landscape to sing, we proudly introduce Mixed Mexican Beach Pebbles.

Hand-picked from the beautiful beaches of Baja California, Mexico, these smooth, multi-colored pebbles – featuring a sparkling array of red, black, grey, pink, red-orange, or buff – are sure to brighten your yard…and your day. 

The same waves that attract surfers from around the world to Baja California have given these gorgeous pebbles their remarkably round, smooth surface and consistent size, making them one of the most highly sought after landscaping stones north of the border. 

Mixed Mexican Beach Pebbles

These decorative, low-maintenance stones are not only easy on the eyes, but also have practical benefits for homeowners, from shielding soil from extreme heat to limiting the weed growth and reducing erosion. 

Multitude of Uses

Mixed Mexican Beach Pebbles serve many purposes and have numerous applications. They are frequently used as a lawn replacement, are ideally suited for ground cover, and can be easily spread around trees, walkways, driveways, ponds, patios, and pools. Larger size pebbles can be embedded in walls and mosaic paving, and can serve as attractive design borders. 

Mixed Mexican Beach Pebbles are perfect for environmentally conscious homeowners seeking a water-wise landscape, and can be installed around dry creek beds, desert gardens, and Japanese rock gardens. 

Splash of Color

Mixed Mexican Beach Pebbles provide a splash of color that may otherwise be missing, especially in dry and drought-prone regions. These mixed-color stones are part of the Mexican Beach Pebble family, which also includes the Black Mexican Beach Pebble, the Red Mexican Beach Pebble, in addition to Buff and the red-orange Sunburst

In many parts of the country, Black Mexican Beach Pebbles are generally considered the most popular variety of landscaping stone. However, in warmer states, such as New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, and Nevada, there is demand for more colorful stones to create contrast with the naturally dry landscape. 

Keep in mind that we are talking about stones that are completely natural and unpolished, and in nature there is no such thing as a perfectly colored stone; there will always be some variation in color, and the same is true for size. 

An Array of Sizes

While Mixed Mexican Beach Pebbles are available in several sizes, they are most commonly found in smaller sizes. Our most popular size is 1”-2”, which is ideal for being easily spread across smaller areas. 

What size is right for you? It depends on your objective and how you intend to use the stones. Please be aware that while our stones hand-picked from the beaches of Mexico tend to be more uniform in size than other stones, there will always be some variation in size as well as color. To help you better understand the scale and range of sizes that are available, see our Mexican Beach Pebble Sizing Guide

Do-it-yourself home landscapers depend on Online Stone Solutions for our wide selection of attractive stones, deep product knowledge, convenience, and value. If you have any questions about Mixed Mexican Beach Pebbles or any other varieties, get in touch with us. In the meantime, browse our gallery to see the great selection of decorative stones that we offer.