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A Valuable Tool in Any Landscape Designer's Toolbelt

Mar 4, '20


Online Stone Solutions strives to be your most valuable tool when it comes to decorative stone and landscaping rock.

The Problem with the Traditional Way of Purchasing Decorative Stone

Going to a local quarry to select the right stone or gravel material for your clients' suffers from several problems:

  • Selection is limited - Stone takes up a lot of space, so your local retailers only offer their best sellers
  • It is inconvenient - How many of your clients look forward to a drive to the outskirts of the county to a dusty quarry, maybe taking time off of work to visit during the quarry's limited open hours?
  • Customer Experience - Would you rather have their stone products delivered in palletized wire baskets or super-sacks, neatly waiting for installation, or their product dumped in a pile on their driveway or street?

Landscape Designers' Top Solution for Landscaping Stone

Online Stone Solutions solves these problems for you and your clients.  

  • Online Stone Solutions provides the Internet's best selection of decorative stone available.
  • If you compare the total, all-in cost for landscaping stone, Online Stone Solutions provides the most competitive pricing online.  Our price per pound of product sometimes is half of big-box retailers.
  • Convenience! With Online Stone Solutions, you and your clients can select the perfect product for your creative design from the comfort of your home or office. You can also order samples to preview the product before buying a pallet.

Join Online Stone Solutions Landscape Designer & Architect Directory

Our team strives to provide the best value to our customers. When designing the outdoor landscaping for their homes, the decorative stone is just one part of the picture. Often our clients need help with all the other concerns in creating an outdoor environment that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

This is where you, the professional landscape designer comes in! We want to be able to refer outstanding designers to help our customers. That is why we created the Online Stone Solutions Landscape Designer Directory, and encourage you to join.

We understand that the success of your business centers around your customer experience, and we want to be a part of delighting your customers so they refer all their friends and neighbors.

As a partner in our directory, we help you:

  • Design the most creative landscapes with our wide selection of landscaping rocks
  • Give your customers the best pricing on decorative stone
  • Give your customers the 'exclusive' experience of working with you and being able to offer additional partner pricing (5% discount off material costs)
  • Give your customers the convenience of selecting rock products from the comfort of their home
  • Get visibility in our Design Gallery Do you have a project featuring our products?  Share it with us and get additional visibility and SEO benefits.

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