Ivory Decorative Landscape Beach Pebble

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Ivory Decorative Landscape Beach Pebble

Sprinkle on a soft, elegant look in any indoor or outdoor landscape with our ivory decorative landscape beach pebbles. Their matte, creamy-white finish pair well with any existing decor, color scheme, and setting. Available in a variety of sizes, depending on your design preferences.

Stylish Applications

  • Can be used for hardscaping projects such as gazebos, stone walkways, flagstone patios, and outdoor kitchens 
  • Are also a versatile indoor decoration; gives vases, candle holders, and indoor plants an instantly modern touch
  • Adds trendy, "minimalist" accents to any garden
  • Perfect for zen gardens - where a clean, basic look is required for relaxation and serene meditation


  • Long-lasting - compared to living or organic ground covers (i.e. mulch, wood chips, bark chips), our pebbles withstand all types of weather conditions and almost never need replacing
  • Due to their durability, homeowners can save on high maintenance costs each year
  • Provides greater plant maintenance; preventing water loss caused by evaporation and causing minimal alterations to the soil
  • Keeps unwanted pests or insects (who are often attracted to decomposing organic materials) at bay
  • Their white coloring provides an excellent contrast to garden plants and other colorful decors
  • A versatile accent for most colors and designs 

Product Details 

  • Flat, smooth, and sleek in appearance
  • Matte, rich creamy white coloring 
  • Available in 44-lb bags on (approximately) 2000-lb pallets
  • Available in varying sizes - from small, 1/2"-1" sizes to larger 2"-3" sizes

Spice up your home with our ivory decorative landscape beach pebbles. Their simple, yet versatile style is sure to make home decorating a breeze.

Order a sample from us today, or learn more about this product (and our other pebble products) through our Online Stone Solutions' Authoritative Guide to Mexican Beach Pebbles.

For further information, read our FAQ here.

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