Polished Mixed Mexican Landscape Beach Pebbles

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Polished Mixed Beach Pebbles to Complement Landscaping and Hardscapes

Add some color and luxury with our Polished Mixed Beach Landscape Pebbles. The nature-painted, smooth rock has a multitude of functions while adding a fun and unique atmosphere to your space. If you’re ready to create a calm and serene aesthetic, while including a multitude of unique and colorful pebbles, then our Polished Mixed Beach Landscape Pebbles are for you.


These rocks are great for...

  • A lawn replacement
  • Rock gardens
  • Riverbeds
  • Ponds
  • Pathways
  • Around trees
  • In planters
  • Dry streambeds
  • Xeriscape for droughts
  • Erosion control
  • Water retention
  • Weed control

Sourcing and Design

  • Hand-selected from the beaches of Baja California, Mexico
  • Our polished products are tumbled for hours with a proprietary blend of natural organic materials to make them darker, smoother, and glossy.  This process makes them glimmer as if wet and really makes the colors pop.  The shine will not fade or peel with time and UV exposure like it does on many inferior “coated products”, mostly of Asian origin where the products are dyed or coated with a sealant or wax.
  • Naturally available in a mix colors, ranging from green to purple to charcoal to grey. Each order will be vastly different from the next-- that’s what makes them so special!


  • If you’re worried about yard maintenance, consider these stones as an alternative to your back-aching yardwork or garden area maintenance. These rocks are easy to spread, maintain, and are beautiful year-round.
  • These rocks are durable for extreme heat or below-freezing conditions.
  • They can be used for both internal and external usages; landscaping and interior design.
  • Smaller sizes are commonly used for ground cover and pathways, while the larger sizes are commonly used for landscape borders, natural-looking dry streambeds, or masonry walls.

Stand out from the crowd with these uniquely colorful landscape pebbles. Our Polished Mixed Mexican Beach Pebbles truly are the best on the market.  This is a premium product which brings a premium price. If you’re ready to purchase our Polished Mixed Beach Landscape Pebbles and transform your space from plain to beautifully functional, click below!

To order a sample of Polished Mixed Beach Pebbles Decorative Landscape Pebbles, click here.

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